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BIOJAL (Pheromone Trap) used for trapping of the moths of pests of various crops are made up of plastic material (resistant to sunlight, rain and wind), of bright mustard yellow colour (most attractive colour for the moths), which could outlive a period of one year.
BIOJAL is made up of
Canopy with provision of 3 slots on the lower side for attachment of trap funnel and one central slot for attachment of lure. The canopy protects the lure from rain and direct sunlight.
The trap funnel with bottom hole, ‘ T ‘ shaped handle for fixing to the support (strong enough to take care of dislodging due to strong winds) and 3 provisions (arms) for fixing in to the 3 slots provided on the under sides of the canopy.
The collection device made up of thick non-collapsible polyethylene sleeve of 750 mm length, strong enough to withstand prevalent rain, temperature and wind. It is provided with plastic ring/rubber bands for fixing to the trap funnel and for closing the sleeve, so that the dead trapped moth could be removed from time to time.
Polyethylene sleeve is to be fixed to the lower portion of the trap funnel and the moths get trapped in this and die after a few days. By removing the rubber band from the bottom of the sleeve, the trapped/ dead moth could be removed to make space for new moths.
BIOJALs are to be installed in the fields at the rate of 5-7 traps per Ha. For monitoring and 15-20 traps per Ha. For mass trapping. The distance between the traps fitted with lures specific for a particular moth species may be around 30 meter. These traps should be positioned 6 to 9 inches above the crop canopy level by tying on the stick with the ‘T’ shaped handle provided on the funnel of the trap.
While using BIOJALs, use good quality lures – like Pruthvi Lure only.